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Devore HG Beige/gold - 11522 > Cow Hides Devore Large

Item No. 11522

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A SELECT GROUP OF CHROMIUM TANNED ""HAIR ON"" COWHIDES - from selected Pedigree cattle and premium herds.

Available in a great variety of natural patterns and colors,
as well as stenciled hides with exotic animal prints.

We also carry dyed hides, either as ""SOLID DYED"", or as ""POP COWS"",
in the fashion-colors of this decade.

Large cowhides size: 40-45 square feet / app. 3,7 square meter.
Medium cowhides size: 33 square feet / app. 3 square meter.
Stenciled prints size: app. 30 square feet / app. 2,8 square meter

Prices vary according to availability and rarity.

Cowhides are extremely durable and will last a lifetime. Maintain their luster with cold water and Woolite.

Please notice that each Cow Hide is unique. They are selected based on resemblance of shades and may vary in color, shape and patterns. The pictures shown are only examples within the different breeds.

Important notice: We recommend the use of Rug Pads to prevent smudging, premature wear of the rugs, and to provide a smooth, supportive and stable base. Please also read our ""Care & Cleaning"" recommendations :.

Cowhides - Care & Cleaning.pdf (71 kb)

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